Questions & Answers

Q. What size of sleeper do you manufacture?

A. Because all of our work is customized, we are able to manufacture whatever size of sleeper you require. 

Q. How can I keep my moose bumpers original shine? 
A. Give us a call, our special polishing agent will keep your bumper looking as good as new!

Q. What happens if I hit something with my bumper?
A. Not a problem, give us a call, or stop in, we are able to repair your bumper and get you up and running in no time.

Q. How long does it take to manufacture a sleeper?
A. All of our sleepers are custom made to suit each customers individual needs.  Sleepers generally take six to eight weeks to manufacture.  Installation at our shop is approximately a day and a half and you're on your way!

Q. Can someone else install a Mik Mak Sleeper?
A. Not able to make it to our location for installation? Not a problem, we are able to ship our bunks. 

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