Accordingly, Rolex claims the right not to carry out any maintenance service on such watches in-house without restoring the delivery condition. In this regard, Rolex is on behalf of all other manufacturers in the right; it cannot be forced to repair or maintain a perfect rolex replica product that it considers to be adulterated. Other manufacturers also follow this approach and either reject such watches or restore them to their original state. According to Rolex's interpretation, companies like Label Noir only manufacture counterfeits. If only a single component has been alienated or replaced with a non-original part, Rolex considers the entire watch to be a fake and takes rigorous action against it.

Ray Berthelette founded Mik Mak Fabrication Ltd. in 1975. He was a truck driver at the time, and wanted to make life on the road a bit more appealing. This is when he manufactured his own sleeper. Since that time, thousands of sleepers have been produced at Mik Mak Fabrication Ltd. making it the leader in the industry.As the production of sleepers continued to grow, thought was given to the safety of the driver as well as the comfort. This led to the production of the moose bumper.  

Marc (Mak) Berthelette is now the proud owner of Mik Mak and he takes pride in every item manufactured.

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